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Ross has 20 years experience in the excavation industry and equipment handling. Ross Excavating, LLC is available to solve surface water run off problems by installing drainage tile in agricultural fields and around new basement construction. We also provide general excavation needs such as new construction, basements, perk testing, general earth moving or any other excavation equipment needs.

We install field tile into farmer's land to solve surface water run-off problems. We dig basements and footings for new construction. We work with cities and towns with water main breaks and general excavation needs. We install drainage tile around new or existing homes to solve problems with water in basements. AND NOW we are certified to perform soil and perk tests.

We believe that people should be treated well and with respect. This philosophy extends to our customers, our employees, our vendors, and anyone who has contact with Ross Excavating, LLC. We believe in a job well done, at a fair value, in an expedient fashion.


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